Cynthia has delivered 1:1 date coaching with a number of Vida Consultancy’s clients, with astounding results. Our clients have consistently praised her personable nature, which is a combination of wit, charm, and intelligence. Even the most confident and successful individuals have benefited from Cynthia’s coaching. The subtlest of behavioural changes can transform a person’s ability to progress from dating to being in a relationship. Rachel Vida MacLynn Exclusive Matchmaker. Founder of Vida Consultancy – International Award Winning Matchmaking Agency

I really-really liked Cynthia, and felt we’re on the same page, and her insight can help. Thanks so much for referring her to me! LL

I live in a remote part of the country and my job as a public figure doesn’t leave me much time to go in search of a man. I’m also painfully shy. Cynthia coached me by Skype and it always felt like she was in the room with me, holding my hand, throughout the whole process.  After just three sessions, I met somebody and am now in a committed relationship for the first time in my life – aged 40! FW

I’ve been married twice and have four children.  I suffered from chronically low self-esteem, and also had major trust issues, as both of my ex-husbands left me for younger women.  Within 6 months, I met a fantastic mature man. With Cynthia’s help, I was able to get out there again, overcome my demons and find love again. RP

Cynthia is authentic, wise, witty and sassy. She’s been my personal cheer leader and her high energy vibes have taught me to lighten up, and not take myself or dating so seriously.  Paradoxically, I’ve never had so many dating opportunities presenting themselves to me, since I was in my twenties – and I’m now 64! KS

My husband died very suddenly, leaving me widowed and childless at the age of 42.  Because of Cynthia’s own experience of tragic loss, and her positive example, as well as her caring and compassionate style of date coaching, I dared to believe in life again.  Within a year of working with her, I met my second husband later we married and I recently had my first baby. Miracles DO happen! AC

Cynthia’s firm belief that finding  love is an “Inside Job” convinced me to work initially on myself, before I even went out into the dating arena.  She was proved correct, because as soon as I started to keep the focus on creating a great relationship with my inner self, I started to feel so much better,  which inevitably transformed me into a much better life partner. DG

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